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April 2023 Issue

East Palestine and other Act
by June Meek

         This article has to do with what happened in East Palestine, Ohio on February 4, 2023. I found out about it through emails on February 4, because the news didn't report on it until almost two weeks later.  READ ARTICLE!

UFO DISC-ussion
by Ann Ulrich Miller

         Element 115 a/k/a Alien Fuel ... Tesla's obsession with numbers 3, 6 and 9 ... Nocturnal visit by ETs not classfied (by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.). READ ARTICLE!

Walter Cronkite and UFOs by Richard W. Heiden
Angels Connecting Us to Animals
by Cristina Gerber

         Are you like me, and you like to test your theories? Perhaps you wonder if this idea or effort is effecftive, assisting the greater good, or in alignment?  READ ARTICLE!

Who are the Magdalenes or the Blue Ray Beings?s
by Terra Rae
    Maybe you are one! This writing may strike a chord deep within your heart and soul. It surely will raise a lot of questions.  READ ARTICLE!

The Meaning of It All
Helping Each Other

by Ann Ulrich Miller

        Never has there had been a time in my life that I've come to recognize how important it is for us all to be supportive of one another.  READ ARTICLE!


Walter Cronkite and UFOs
Bill Knell's article about the late American broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite (1916-2009) and UFOs was posted on Facebook recently. I have reason to be suspicious of this article.   READ ARTICLE!

Commander's Star Base

by Commander Sanni Ceto

        Q: Sanni, can you tell us more about your home planet? How is it similar and dissimilar to Earth? Does it have a sun and a moon?

       A:  Reticuli is a binary sun or two-star planet larger than Earth. It has creatures, though not exactly the same as on Earth. it has an atmosphere and weather.  READ ARTICLE!

War is organized murder, nothing more
by T Stokes

       Harry Patch was born on the feast day of St. Teresa, June 17, 1898. Gemini folk have the ability to see things from various points of view, and Harry ... although a decorated war hero ... was actually very anti war.

Message From Matthew
through Suzanne Ward

       Light vs. dark battle; needless fears; potential lockdown; volunteers' helpers; intuition, discernment; effects of intensifying light. TO READ MORE, VISIT

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