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What's in the
December 2022 Issue

Angelic Messages
by Christina Gerber

         Is it possible for us to connect with our animal family members, and communicate with them? I believe so.  READ ARTICLE!

by Ann Ulrich Miller

         UFO crash retrievals -- notes from a video presentation by Michael Schratt, an aerospace historian, with references to Leonard H. Stringfield's book, UFO Crash Retrievals: The Complete Investigation Status Reports, I-VIIREAD ARTICLE!

Sheri's Sixth Sense
Antarctica and Dark Pyramids, Part 2 by Sheri Gould

         A wealth of fascinating information about this distant continent on the "bottom" of our world. Sheri presents plenty of food for thought.  READ ARTICLE!

Reader's Forum
        "Beware the Money Changers" ... a disturbing opinion piece giving "real reasons" for the war in Ukraine, among other condemned subjects. (Anonymous)

The Meaning of It All
It's Not All That It Seems
by Ann Ulrich Miller

        I'll bet a lot of you will agree that 2022 has been a challenging year. We knew we were in for dark times and our mission as lightworkers is here, now, and even more important in the days ahead.  READ ARTICLE!


Is their end in sight?
by June Deborah Meek 

        On the evening of August 2, 2022, I walked outside to see if any crafts were in the sky. There was one in the west.

Crystalline Stellar Skulls: Blue King
by Terra Rae of "Team Earth"

        Here is the phenomenal Crystalline Stellar Skull for you to work and play with. *Blue King* addresses and opens the hearts of the underdogs, groups, new tribes, and communities.  READ ARTICLE!

Can Spirit Guides Read Your Mind?
by Erin Pavlina

        Spirit guides can absolutely read your mind. Your guides are perfectly attuned to you at all times. They know what you're going through, they know what you struggle with, they know what excites, you, they know what you fear. Everything.

Commander's Star Base

by Commander Sanni Ceto

        Q: Can you give us your knowledge of Jesus Christ and His purpose for coming to Earth?

       A:  Jesus was a star seed whose people were Pleiadians. His reason for coming to Earth was to live among humans and serve as a teacher, to help evolve humans after the Pleiadians' attempt to undo the interference by Reptoids that corrupted their DNA -- which failed.  READ ARTICLE!

Walthamstow Church
by T Stokes

        As a paranormal investigator of many years standing, one is often asked, "What was the most frightening thing you have ever experienced?"

      Strangely, it was something so extraordinary as to still defy an explanation, all these many years after. Of all the stories I have told on radio, this tale evokes the greatest response, and it began when I was a young child.

About Our Education and Teachers
by Al Fry

        As we slip into more hectic times ahead, it's time to review how we got into such a mess. It could probably start with pointing out how we get tricked into attaching to corporate control. Governments are all private corporations, and to lock us into their control, we get tricked into admiralty law instead of common law.

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