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December 2023 Issue

Feeling helpless during these tumultuous times?
by Terra Rae of Team Earth

Join the Crystalline Stellar Skulls to Help the Planet, People and YourselfREAD ARTICLE!

A Message to Light Bringers by courtesy of Caroline Oceana Ryan
Clearing your Heart and Soul Cord by Terra Rae and the Stellar Skulls
         With *Core of Light to the Divine* with two active glyphs: "Heart of Soul of Spirit"
Trenchant Times
by June Deborah Meek

         For the last few years, I have been seeing geometric shapes in my eyes. They are triangles in a line, and they glow a pulsating white, blue and red. ...  READ ARTICLE!

edited by Ann Ulrich Miller
       SOME CURRENT FILER'S FILES: UFOs Over Vietnam ... The Vietnam Attack on an Australasian Destroyer ...US State Department Cables Warn Do Not Discuss UFOs ... and Peru Nazca Lines UFO and Andes Mountain Runway Shaved ... plus a recent article from The Commander's Voice, edited by Carey Dickey.  


The Meaning of It All
Living in an Uncertain World

by Ann Ulrich Miller

        I am absolutely certain that I am not the only one feeling this. There is tension in the air. Conflicts and wars appear to be breaking out at the drop of a hat. Our world feels like it has fallen into an abyss of confusion, hatred and demoralization. ...  READ ARTICLE!


Commander's Star Base

by Commander Sanni Ceto

        Q: Are chemtrails real, and what are they doing to our environment? What is their real reason, and who is behind it?

       A:  Yes, chemtrails are real and they cause allergies and are composed of heavy metals that cause damage to the respiratory system and other things....  READ ARTICLE!

What is Boomerang Karma?
by T Stokes

      Erwin Schroedinger's book What is Life? claims that one of Life's urgent criteria is the storage and transmission of information, e.g. a code that transfers information from parent to child, and was both complex and compact enough to fit inside a single cell ... SUBSCRIBE!

Portal visitations
by Al Fry

    Earth has portals leading to other dimensions that are scattered all across her lands and oceans. The Bermuda Triangle is only one of several larger examples .... SUBSCRIBE!

How to maintain your light when surrounded by the dark
by Erin Pavlina

   I had severak readers ask me a variation on the following question: "How do you maintain your light when you're surrounded by dark energy; whether that's from other humans or even entities?  ... SUBSCRIBE!

Phil Godlewski - Remember, Remember, Nov. 5, 2023
by Suzanne Maresca

    EDITOR'S NOTE: NESARA stands for "The National Economic Security and Recovery Act." There are many 'definitions' that can be found on line, most of which appear to be fanatical interpretations of what NESARA actually is. .... SUBSCRIBE!

DNA measurably responds to human consciousness
by Marguerite dar Boggia

    David Wilcock in his book The Source Field Investigations, on page 171, said that Dr. Glen Rein, a biochemist who graduated from the University of London, made stunning discoveries that reveal how DNA behaves in direct response to human consciousness. .... SUBSCRIBE!

Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message

by Steve Beckow

    (Nov. 24, 2003):  Time marches on and is still increasing faster than previously and is to be welcomed, as slowly but surely it is leaving the old behind. The changes are inevitable as you are entering a New Age where the vibrations are speeding up. .... SUBSCRIBE!


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