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Our Latest Issue - March / April 2020


Remembering Our Secret Places

​by A. Raby

Often as children, and sometimes as adults, we find a place which becomes ours. The place usually does not legally belong to us, yet in our hearts it only ever belongs to us.




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Wispy Words

The Prayer Stick Ceremony


From Hunter to Hunted

(by S.J. Ulrich)

A sailor meets a pirate in a bar

(by T Stokes)


(Pillsbury Dougboy)

•Can You Remember?

(The Olden Days)

•Fever Kills Viruses

(by Marshall Smith)

 • Handy Tips for Staying Thrifty



• Wispy Words: The Prayer Stick Ceremony

(by Ann Ulrich Miller)

• Are you scraping your vehicle on the guardrail of life?

(by Erin Pavlina)


by Ann Ulrich Miller

       Author's Note: This was a blog entry I wrote in December 2009, seven months after I'd moved to Pagosa Springs, Colo. Fifteen months had passed since my husband, Ethan Miller, had passed away following a long illness at our home in Ohio.


         Two weeks ago a shift occurred. Right after Thanksgiving, I discovered that something wonderful had come into my life ... a new man, a new love ... and I am so distracted, I am having trouble focusing on my work, completing projects, shopping for Christmas gifts ... it is the most remarkable thing that has ever happened to me.


Last Issue . . .

True Tree Secrets

January's Wisp features True Tree Secrets

with important information of some benefits we get from plants to improve our lives and our health. Also ...

Are lawn chemicals causing canine cancer?

from the guys at Earth Talk

The New Sport of People Watching by T Stokes

... and LOTS MORE!!!


•Who do you reach out to on the Other Side? by Erin Pavlina

• The Story of Judy (a special canine) by T Stokes

• Getting Rid of Junk the Smart Way

•Heart treatments you may have missed by Al Fry

 • Lost Words from Your Childhood

• Lexophilia


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THE DREAM CHASERS by Ann Ulrich Miller

November 2018 • 328 pages • Haunted by her dead sister who died two years ago under questionable circumstances, B.J. Martin faces outrageous challenges after starting a new business in southern Colorado. Too many bizarre and frightening incidents cause her to suspect that someone wants her valley-wide shopper newspaper to fail.  Risking everything she owns for her start-up publication, B.J. handles each new stumbling block with courage and conviction, unrelenting as she faces a burglary break-in, stalkers, spies, accusations of bigotry, vehicle disasters ... and tackling the cold case murder of her sister involved in a drug cartel. Still suffering from a devastating divorce 17 years ago, she is leery of men. Yet when Grant Tucker, publisher of the rival Mountain Sentinel daily newspaper, takes more than a casual interest in her, B.J. finds she can no longer distinguish between betrayal and the possibility that she could still have it all. • $15.00 + $3.00 S&H)

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June 2017 • 192 pages • Annette Vetter Adventure #7

While Annette, Penny and Ruby spend their spring break at Aunt Marie's and Uncle Joe's lake house in Minocqua, unexpected events disrupt their hopes for a leisurely Easter vacation, starting with the questionable death of a fisherman, plus cousin Fern's secret boyfriend, and three unruly youths wreaking havoc in the resort. Meanwhile, back from Vietnam and still recovering from his ordeal, Ruby's "missing in action" father drives across the country in search of a new life. Ruby has never given up the belief that her dad is alive, but ... will he find his kids, and will he be able to mend his way back their lives? • $9.95 + $3.05 S&H)

eBook available from Amazon Kindle ($4.99)

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November 2, 2019

It took everyone by surprise. Many of us living in Western Colorado feel cheated out of the beauty and benefits of an Indian Summer. Usually, Fall is the best time to enjoy life. After a hot summer, the temperatures have cooled down enough during the day to enjoy long...

May 15, 2017

The tide is turning. On one hand, life is getting better. On the other hand, some things are not. Life is a lot like the ocean with its ebb and flow, its currents, its storms and its calm.

Right now my own life seems to be improving after many years of turmoil and indec...

January 14, 2017

When I was 20 and newly married, living on campus at Michigan State, I had a white parakeet that I loved very much. I named him Hector. He was an amazing bird because he could talk. I taught Hector to say more than thirty phrases, and at one time I had a tape recording...

October 4, 2016

At the end of September all three of my sons were together in my home ... what a blessing that was. It just so happened that youngest son Scott and his wife, Woohye, returned to the United States from Poland, where they have been living for at least a couple of years....

March 14, 2016

 Mountain view above Ridgway, Colorado (March 9, 2016 by Ann Ulrich Miller (All Rights Reserved)



This past weekend something in my life shifted. The dream I thought was buried and gone has emerged once again. The search for HOME is coming to an end, for I believe it i...

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